Weekend Vacation in Wine Country

It is evident that it is summer. There are many factors that helps us realize we have entered this season. Like the fact that our faces melt off when entering your scorching, parked car or school is out of session (well for most college students). Most importantly, there is nothing that screams summer like a vacation, right? Right! Ever since I was a little girl summer always meant some sort of vacation whether it meant going swimming with the dolphins in Puerto Vallarta or driving to Pasadena to visit family and hit up a Dodgers game.

Ricks’ Summer Tip #1: Plan out a summer vacation, even if it is a day trip or a weekend trip. I know for some individuals it is hard to plan a trip out because it just seems like there is NO free time. I am in that exact boat, espRickie in Front of Vineyardsecially right now. I’m in a summer course that’s four times a week, have a part-time job, and an internship. But…I believe if there is a will there is a way. As of right now I am on my first weekend vacation of the summer in Plymouth, California. You may be asking yourself…what’s there? Well let me tell you simply in one word, wineries. When my boyfriend introduced the idea of going with his parents I was stoked, especially since they are such wine enthusiasts. I’m not a huge “wino,” but going with a group of people who know so much was exciting to me. Yesterday we went to the Barbera Festival at Terra d’Oro Winery. For my first wine tasting experience it was great. The festival had more than 80 wineries that were all from the state of California. The atmosphere was pretty incredible and the views of the surrounding vineyards were beautiful. Today we are going to visit a few wineries located in Lodi, where my boyfriend’s parents are wine members. I have a feeling today will be a pretty awesome day.

The point of this post is for me to persuade you to plan out a summer vacation. Just being able to get out-of-town is a nice breath of fresh air. The best part about this weekend vacation is that it really did not require a lot of traveling time. The drive here from Reno was only two and a half hours. Sure it did take some planning considering my hectic schedule, but it sure was well worth it. I hope this has inspired you to get up and go somewhere regardless to the length of the trip.

‘Til Later!




About Rickie Ritchie

My name is Rickie Ritchie. I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2015, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a dual major in Marketing and Management at the University of Nevada, Reno. I work at the Boyd Gaming Corporation as a Corporate Event Marketing Coordinator.
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2 Responses to Weekend Vacation in Wine Country

  1. Great post…its very true though we need to get out and make the best of any time.


  2. agent provocateur says:

    Reblogged this on Nevada State Personnel Watch.


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