5 Crucial Items Needed for a Day at Lake Tahoe

Happy Friday! It is the start of my weekend and I had nothing planned for today, which happens to be a little weird and the way summer should be. No work, no internship, and no school. So naturally I decided to pack a beach bag and head to Lake Tahoe. For those of you that are not from Reno, the car ride to Lake Tahoe (depending on which part of the lake) can be 45 minutes to 90 minutes at most. The past four years that I have lived in Reno summer always meant heading to the lake.

Panorama of Speedboat Beach

Today, I decided I did not want to drive too far and wanted to go to a part of the lake that was not too crowded. I made the decision to go to Speedboat Beach, which is in North Lake Tahoe. At Speedboat Beach the waters are very clear near the shore and gradually transforms into to a deep blue the further you look towards the center of the lake. There are tons of boulders to climb on or admire from afar, and it was not crowded whatsoever. As I relaxed with one of my close friends we continued to take items out of my beach bag, then I realized I was really prepared.

Ricks’ Tip #4: Follow the list below for packing a beach bag for a day trip to the lake, pool, or beach.

  • Water
    • It is always important to stay hydrated, especially when you’re in the sun with extreme temperatures. Today I bought a big 1 liter Smartwater at the local gas station rather than using my reusable water bottle. On a daily basis I use my Brita Hard Sided Water Filter Bottle, but today I did not want to risk getting sand in all the crevices.
  • Sunscreen
    • Although I rarely burn, I always bring sunscreen and apply it right when I get there. It is a must have to keep your skin protected and reduce the effects of sun damage. I used two different sunscreens today: Coppertone Water Babies (Broad Spectrum SPF 50) and Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face (Broad Spectrum SPF 30). Some of you maybe thinking “Why does she need two?” or “Why does she use baby sunscreen?” Answer #1: My skin is very sensitive especially my face. The facial sunscreen is oil-free and acts a moisturizer. Answer #2: Hey! If it is meant for babies it definitely will not irritate my skin. Also, do not forget chapstick that has SPF in it as well.
  • Accessories
    • Unlike normal lake, pool. or beach attire (shorts, tank top, bathing suit, flip flops) it seems that people tend to forget a few necessary beach accessories, which are sunglasses, hats, beach chairs, and beach towels. I always forget these must haves. In order to ensure I do not arrive to the lake without them I throw extras in the car, so if I forget to pack them in my bag I will have backups in my trunk or glove box.
  • Snacks
    • Nothing is more awful than being at the beach and being hungry. Although we went to T’s Mesquite Rotisserie before we arrived to Speedboat Beach, I packed a ziplock bag of carrots and sliced bell pepper just in case I wanted to munch on something.
  • Bluetooth Speaker
    • I always find it relaxing to have soft background music at the beach, but instead of dealing with headphones and my IPhone or IPod being out I like to bring my Sony Portable Bluetooth Speaker. As I mentioned earlier in the “water” section I avoid sand getting in any of my personal belongings, so a neat trick I do is put the bluetooth speaker in a ziplock bag. I leave the speaker in the ziplock bag at all times and that ziplock bag remains in my beach bag at all times. If I need to turn it on or connect the bluetooth to one of my devices I hit the button from the outside of the ziplock bag. I thought it was pretty innovative if you ask me.

Next time you go to the lake, pool, or beach do not forget these crucial items.

‘Till Later!



About Rickie Ritchie

My name is Rickie Ritchie. I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2015, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a dual major in Marketing and Management at the University of Nevada, Reno. I work at the Boyd Gaming Corporation as a Corporate Event Marketing Coordinator.
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