Wait it’s Fall?

Yesterday, September, 23, was the official date where Summer transitioned into Autumn (even though it does not feel like Fall, it is still
100 degrees here in Vegas).  After my summer school course ended I really did not keep up with blog writing for Splendid Seasons. The summer school course subject was “Social Business,” which is the main reason why I started my blog. The blog was an assignment for the class and it was graded. Although it was a requirement, I actually found a huge liking for blog writing I just did not seem to keep up with it.

Ricks’ Tip #14: If you start something finish it. So I thought to myself…..what would be more perfect to start writing in my blog again then the official mark of the seasons changing! Although it is fall now I would like to recap you all with what I did with the rest of my summer after my class ended.

  • I finished up my internship with Nevada Athletics with the Director of Special Events with the 47th Annual Governor’s dinner, where I got to assist with the entire event. I even got to meet the keynote speaker Colin Kaepernick.
  • I packed up and moved back to Vegas, which I still am adjusting to. It was pretty hard to leave Reno (a place I called home for four years), but I did it and I am still adjusting. I am lucky enough that I made so many great friends in my years in Reno. They even made sure my departure was one to remember by throwing me a surprise going away party where everyone was wearing black (kind of morbid if you ask me, but also very punny)
  • I visited one of my closest friends in Portland. It was such an amazing city with good company, delicious food, authentic beers, and a perfect mix between city and nature.
  • I picked up a new hobby, yoga. I found that practicing yoga is much more than what meets the eye. I want to thank my best friend for introducing me to something that I really enjoy.
  • Finally, I started an internship at Make-A-Wish. Although I am not a student anymore, with this internship I am still learning new things everyday and I find it very fulfilling. I was even able to be the celebrity escort for a wish kiddo and her family at this year’s I Heart Radio Music Festival

Governors Dinner Going Away Portland

Portland and Yoga    I Heart Radio Music Festival



Hopefully as fall proceeds my blog writing will as well. I do have a few fun fall activities planned within the next couple of months. Let me know if you have anything fun activities planned for this season.

‘Till Later




About Rickie Ritchie

My name is Rickie Ritchie. I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2015, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a dual major in Marketing and Management at the University of Nevada, Reno. I work at the Boyd Gaming Corporation as a Corporate Event Marketing Coordinator.
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