End of Summer Vacation: Portland

As I have mentioned before summer to me has always meant vacations. I don’t get to go on them too often, but when the opportunity arrises I am on top of it. Although I have recently posted about a vacation, I could not help but write a post about my next adventure. I spontaneously purchased a plane ticket to Portland, Oregon. One my closest friends recently moved to Portland for an amazing job opportunity that will kickstart his management career. All my friends were pretty upset to see him leave but my boyfriend came up with a quick, Wolf Pack vs. Ducksbrilliant idea and decided to get a little group together to go visit him. I have been to Oregon only once before nearly four years ago when the Nevada Wolf Pack played the Oregon Ducks in Eugene. Although we did not win it was such an amazing experience to be in Autzen Stadium rooting for the Pack. I am super excited to go visit Oregon once again, but this time somewhere new.

Ricks’ Tip #7: When you are visiting an entirely new place be sure to look up the hot spots and activities that are popular in that area. To me this trip will be the celebration of the end of summer since it is right before all of my friends and I enter the next chapter of our lives. Whether it be graduate school, law school, or diving head first into a career. Unlike my first post about vacations this one is much different. This vacation is about a bunch of friends coming together to experience a completely new city for the first time with help from our Portlander. Although, I have heard so many amazing things about the city via word of mouth, I decided to look up websites about visiting Portland. I really want it to be a memorable trip so I am in search for the best activities to do while we are there. I found a really great website that was filled with information on things to do, places to visit, and much more. Also, I found a Time list explaining the ten top things to do in Portland.

VoodooAfter a doing some research, here are a just a few activities I plan on doing while we are there:

If you have ever been to Portland comment below with your favorite things to do, so I can add it to my list.

‘Till Later


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Summer Internship

The past four years attending the University of Nevada, Reno I was not a normal college student, I was collegiate cheerleader. I have been a part of the Nevada Cheerleading program for four years Rickie cheering and holding up a signand I could not have imagined my college career without it. Being on the team has given me so many memories that I’ll forever cherish. Something I will take away from our program is to always strive to help others. The program is community-based compared to many other universities who are competition-based.

Having a great connection with our community has brought us many opportunities to focus and engage in community service. With that being said, as a Nevada cheerleader we were able and fortunate enough to be invited to attend all fundraiser events for Nevada Athletics and many other events hosted within the community. My favorite events were the events hosted by Nevada Athletics: Blue Tie Ball, Suits and Sneakers, Governor’s Dinner, Football 101, Bobby Dolan Baseball Dinner, and much more.

Many of you may be thinking what does this have to do with summer Rickie? Well let me tell you, since my cheerleading career (of 9 years) came to end this past May it was time to do something new. What screams summer for a college student? INTERNSHIP! After being apart of the cheer program and being able to attend all these special events I have gained an interest in making a career out of event planning. As of right now I am spending my summer interning for Nevada Athletics.

Ricks’ Tip #6: If you are in high school or college student find an internship in a field that you are passionate about.

Rickie, Governor Sandoval, Amanda

2014 Governor’s Dinner

I am an intern for the Director of Special Events for Nevada Athletics. The big summer event that I will be assisting with is the 47th Annual Governor’s Dinner. Guests enjoy refreshing beverages, a delicious dinner, and are able to win top notch prizes by entering raffles and participating in a live auction. Most importantly, guests get to witness a Q&A session with an athletic keynote speaker/guest all while at the Governor’s Mansion. I am so excited to be able to help coordinate this event and learn the ins and outs of event planning.

If you are interested in seeing a blog post about how the event turned out comment below.

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Freshly Pressed Juice: Ultimate Summer Cool Down

Path at Rancho San Rafael ParkI woke up yesterday morning and decided I should go for a run. I do weight training throughout the week at the University’s athletic center, but I usually skip out on cardio. I just wish I was one of those individuals that enjoys to run. I headed to Rancho San Rafael Park around 11am since it was not scorching hot yet. It was around 75 degrees, which is pretty nice compared to the 85 degrees it was suppose to reach only an hour later and the 92 degrees later in the afternoon. After jogging along the trails of the park for a mile-and-a-half it occurred to me I needed a nice summer drink to cool me down.

When I was younger a nice cool summer drink would be a smoothie from the nearest smoothie shop, a slushie from Sonic, or a Slurpee from 711. Drinks that are filled with tons and tons of terrible sugars. As I get older I now know the importance of what foods and drinks we put into our bodies. So I decided to make my way to jüs.

Ricks’ Tip #5: Put down the sugary/syrupy drinks and pick something healthier like a freshly pressed juice from your local juicery this summer.

I always like to support local businesses especially jüs. In fact, jüs is owned and managed by two of my good friends. Additionally, many of a my closest friends work there as employees. They have two locations in Reno: Damonte Ranch and Midtown. You may be thinking all they have is freshly pressed jüs, but that is not the case at all. The menu there is extensive including items such as: premium jüses, jüs cleanses, smoothies, add ons, nut milks, oatmeal, parfaits, acai bowls, and finally shots of wheatgrass, jalapeño, and ginger. Depending on my mood I alternate between getting a jüs or an acai bowl.

Yesterday, I thought it would be more suitable to get a jüs after my run. I decided to get a drink called Vigor (without the carrot, adding an apple, and adding greens: spinach and kale). Talk about a complicated order, jüsI keep telling them they need to add it the menu as the Rickie Ritchie (we’ll see if I ever make it). This is the perfect drink because it is the right amount of sweetness although it may not look like it in the picture. The best part of this particular drink is the fact that it is has the right amount of sweetness, but still has a good serving of vegetables in it. Juicing has been around for a long time, but the popularity of it is growing at a rapid pace over the past few years. For example, in Las Vegas (where I am from) there are tons of juiceries emerging around the city. They are popping up on all corners like Starbucks.

Not only does juice taste good and cools you down, it is healthy for you! Especially with being in the summer months I know a lot of people are conscious with their health and appearance. Here are two links that explain the benefits to drinking freshly pressed juices: Why Juice? and Juicing Benefits: 7 Reasons Why Fresh Juice is the Healthier Option.

If you already drink freshly pressed juices comment below on what your favorite combination is. If not, I want you to find a juicery near you and comment about your experience.

‘Till Later


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5 Crucial Items Needed for a Day at Lake Tahoe

Happy Friday! It is the start of my weekend and I had nothing planned for today, which happens to be a little weird and the way summer should be. No work, no internship, and no school. So naturally I decided to pack a beach bag and head to Lake Tahoe. For those of you that are not from Reno, the car ride to Lake Tahoe (depending on which part of the lake) can be 45 minutes to 90 minutes at most. The past four years that I have lived in Reno summer always meant heading to the lake.

Panorama of Speedboat Beach

Today, I decided I did not want to drive too far and wanted to go to a part of the lake that was not too crowded. I made the decision to go to Speedboat Beach, which is in North Lake Tahoe. At Speedboat Beach the waters are very clear near the shore and gradually transforms into to a deep blue the further you look towards the center of the lake. There are tons of boulders to climb on or admire from afar, and it was not crowded whatsoever. As I relaxed with one of my close friends we continued to take items out of my beach bag, then I realized I was really prepared.

Ricks’ Tip #4: Follow the list below for packing a beach bag for a day trip to the lake, pool, or beach.

  • Water
    • It is always important to stay hydrated, especially when you’re in the sun with extreme temperatures. Today I bought a big 1 liter Smartwater at the local gas station rather than using my reusable water bottle. On a daily basis I use my Brita Hard Sided Water Filter Bottle, but today I did not want to risk getting sand in all the crevices.
  • Sunscreen
    • Although I rarely burn, I always bring sunscreen and apply it right when I get there. It is a must have to keep your skin protected and reduce the effects of sun damage. I used two different sunscreens today: Coppertone Water Babies (Broad Spectrum SPF 50) and Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Face (Broad Spectrum SPF 30). Some of you maybe thinking “Why does she need two?” or “Why does she use baby sunscreen?” Answer #1: My skin is very sensitive especially my face. The facial sunscreen is oil-free and acts a moisturizer. Answer #2: Hey! If it is meant for babies it definitely will not irritate my skin. Also, do not forget chapstick that has SPF in it as well.
  • Accessories
    • Unlike normal lake, pool. or beach attire (shorts, tank top, bathing suit, flip flops) it seems that people tend to forget a few necessary beach accessories, which are sunglasses, hats, beach chairs, and beach towels. I always forget these must haves. In order to ensure I do not arrive to the lake without them I throw extras in the car, so if I forget to pack them in my bag I will have backups in my trunk or glove box.
  • Snacks
    • Nothing is more awful than being at the beach and being hungry. Although we went to T’s Mesquite Rotisserie before we arrived to Speedboat Beach, I packed a ziplock bag of carrots and sliced bell pepper just in case I wanted to munch on something.
  • Bluetooth Speaker
    • I always find it relaxing to have soft background music at the beach, but instead of dealing with headphones and my IPhone or IPod being out I like to bring my Sony Portable Bluetooth Speaker. As I mentioned earlier in the “water” section I avoid sand getting in any of my personal belongings, so a neat trick I do is put the bluetooth speaker in a ziplock bag. I leave the speaker in the ziplock bag at all times and that ziplock bag remains in my beach bag at all times. If I need to turn it on or connect the bluetooth to one of my devices I hit the button from the outside of the ziplock bag. I thought it was pretty innovative if you ask me.

Next time you go to the lake, pool, or beach do not forget these crucial items.

‘Till Later!


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Switching Up Your Routine

With such a busy schedule (mentioned in the past) sometimes it’s hard to do something summer related that is fun, new, and exciting in the middle of the week. Yesterday, after I got out of class I decided to get some reading done and brainstorm some new blog posts. I headed towards the Knowledge Center on the University’s campus, and found out they were closed. I was slightly devastated/annoyed just because sometimes it’s extremely hard to do schoolwork at home, especially when my bed and Netflix are calling my name. I decided to go to a coffee shop where I can get a nice cup of coffee and get into the zone, which I happen to do often.

Ricks’ Tip #3: If you have a favorite restaurant or spot to relax try mixing it up and go to a new place. There is nothing wrong with having a routine or going to your favorite spot like your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, park, etc., but try mixing it up sometimes by trying a new place. I am not sure if you realized yet, but I strive to try new things especially since it is summer. Yesterday, after my game plan for the Knowledge Center failed I decided to go to Coffeebar. I have heard great things and seen the most elaborate pictures from some friends that I follow on Instagram. I normally go to Java Jungle, Bibo Coffee Company, or Starbucks, but it was time to mix it up a little.

FullSizeRender.jpgAs I walked into Coffeebar I got greeted instantly and assisted with ordering. The woman who took my order helped me because she could definitely tell I was overwhelmed. I decided since it was 6:30pm I probably shouldn’t get too caffeine crazy with a coffee, so I thought a little pick me up would have to work. Also, I have a sweet tooth so it was only suitable that I got a pastry. I ended up ordering an Iced Organic Chai Latte (iced to quench my thirst and cool me down from the summer heat) and a cannoli (the smallest pastry they had). To say the least I am very satisfied about the taste of both items I ordered.

As I started to read Branding Yourself, one of the required books for my summer course, I realized what would be more perfect than setting down the book and writing my next blog post about my first experience at Coffeebar. The atmosphere was lively, the music selection was great, prices were affordable, and the design of the tables, walls, and light fixtures were trendy and hip. I will definitely be spending more of my summer days there.

If you are reading from Reno I want you to come here and try it. If you’re reading from elsewhere, I encourage you to try a coffee shop, restaurant, etc. in your area that is not a part of your normal routine. Summer is the perfect time to experiment and trying something new.

‘Till Later!


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Reno Rodeo

Howdy Y’all!

Monday morning I left my great weekend vacation from Wine Country and headed back to good ole’ Reno. Okay, I’ll stop with the country slang, but I can’t help it considering the events takblue_roans2_2014_fcing place this week at the..…drumroll please…..the 2015 Reno Rodeo. Every summer the Reno Rodeo fills the stands of the Reno-Sparks Livestock Event Center with loyal fans or new guests. Specifically, this event takes place annually in the midst of June, lasting nearly a week-and-a-half of fun, excitement, and competition.

Ricks’ Tip #2: Step out of your comfort zone by trying something new like going to an event in your city that you do not normally attend. Now, to burst everyone’s bubble…I never actually been to the Reno Rodeo. Last year, June 2014, I sort of attended by entering into the fairgrounds and using my brand-spanking-new 21-year-old ID and entered the Jack Daniels’ Tent, but I didn’t actually watch the Rodeo events. I know I know, four year of living in Reno and I have still yet to experience the competition, shame on me right? Well this year I am changing that. I will be attending the 96th Annual Reno Rodeo and hopefully going more than once.

The only issue I was having was figuring out:

  • What were the exact dates?
  • What is the first thing I should do?
  • Which day do I go on?
  • How much is it?
  • Which event is the best to attend?
  • What delicious carnival food will they have?

Which I believe are ALL valid questions (especially the one regarding food)

As I searched the Internet I came across a 96th Annual Rodeo informational website and a blog from Visit Reno Tahoe listing out a few things to do at the Reno Rodeo. These two sites answered all my questions that I had mentioned above. I am proud of myself for going to an event that allows me to step out of my comfort zone. Also, I am excited to see which day I end up going and the events that will be watching.

I want you, to look into events that your city is hosting this summer! Attend it and comment below on how your experience was.

‘Till Later!


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Weekend Vacation in Wine Country

It is evident that it is summer. There are many factors that helps us realize we have entered this season. Like the fact that our faces melt off when entering your scorching, parked car or school is out of session (well for most college students). Most importantly, there is nothing that screams summer like a vacation, right? Right! Ever since I was a little girl summer always meant some sort of vacation whether it meant going swimming with the dolphins in Puerto Vallarta or driving to Pasadena to visit family and hit up a Dodgers game.

Ricks’ Summer Tip #1: Plan out a summer vacation, even if it is a day trip or a weekend trip. I know for some individuals it is hard to plan a trip out because it just seems like there is NO free time. I am in that exact boat, espRickie in Front of Vineyardsecially right now. I’m in a summer course that’s four times a week, have a part-time job, and an internship. But…I believe if there is a will there is a way. As of right now I am on my first weekend vacation of the summer in Plymouth, California. You may be asking yourself…what’s there? Well let me tell you simply in one word, wineries. When my boyfriend introduced the idea of going with his parents I was stoked, especially since they are such wine enthusiasts. I’m not a huge “wino,” but going with a group of people who know so much was exciting to me. Yesterday we went to the Barbera Festival at Terra d’Oro Winery. For my first wine tasting experience it was great. The festival had more than 80 wineries that were all from the state of California. The atmosphere was pretty incredible and the views of the surrounding vineyards were beautiful. Today we are going to visit a few wineries located in Lodi, where my boyfriend’s parents are wine members. I have a feeling today will be a pretty awesome day.

The point of this post is for me to persuade you to plan out a summer vacation. Just being able to get out-of-town is a nice breath of fresh air. The best part about this weekend vacation is that it really did not require a lot of traveling time. The drive here from Reno was only two and a half hours. Sure it did take some planning considering my hectic schedule, but it sure was well worth it. I hope this has inspired you to get up and go somewhere regardless to the length of the trip.

‘Til Later!



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